Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sharp Dressed Worf

9 to 5

The Fish is Superb

The City Is Mine

Posted Up.

Art of Seduction

Good Morning

A Lil' Dip


  1. TOO FUNNY! We always imagined what a day in the life of Warf would look like!
    This one had us LOL-ing fo sheeeez!
    Great blog!

  2. these were hilarious!

  3. Star trek, but I dont remember much of it, was he the good guy or the bad guy?

  4. iv seen a little bit of star wars so i know hes a charecter in it but these pics are um intresting to say the lease. i assume all your head shot pics are of famous people. i dont know who hardly any of them are though. you really should do something of elvis or maybe m.j although im kinda tired of everyone being all gaga over his death.