Friday, September 4, 2009

Brothers From Another


  1. this is going to be a number one seller some day! classic!!!

  2. It doesn't really "mean" anything. No statements, no hidden metaphors or anything like that. Just pure fun.

  3. dont make any fun with our leader.he is our loved leader ...this is really hert humble to every indians.....

  4. This was not made with the intention to hurt or offend anyone. It comes from a kind place.

  5. Cant say I'm amused. Good that only 10 people will see this overall. Whats with this make-Gandhi-do-funny-stuff shit? Learn a bit of respect - really not amused.

  6. Like any public figure, no matter how beloved, Gandhi-ji can have his place in pop culture.

    I think the important thing is that Brandon is "having fun" not "making fun" as has been commented above. The subtlety in English really changes the meaning.

    Looking through Brandons art, it is clear that he is good humoured and uses mostly images of people whom he likes - no disrepect is meant here.

    It is a tradition in the West to lampoon or "roast" people who we respect - ie: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King can all be used in absurdist humour as long as the intention is warm hearted. Placing a smiling baseball playing Gandhi with Johnny Five (a huge child-of-the-eighties favourite) is the very definition of playful, warm hearted and yes - art.

    Brandon uses images of diverse celebrities, public figures and history's famous for his art - while your opinions are yours to have, I do not see why offense is needed. This reminds me of the "Clone High" debacle.

    As for Anonymous - if you stand behind your comment, why not sign your name and your blog address? That seems very cowardly. And it sure seems that a lot more than 10 people will see this.