Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog of Mu-Fuggin' Note!

So yeah, I got 'blog of note', no big deal (dusts off shoulders). After staring at the same 15 followers for the last month I am so stoked to see a lil' mo' followers every time i check my blogger. Thanks so much to Blogger for recognizing my site and thanks to everyone who's started following me since then. Also, an extra big thanks to Violet Dear (one of my bestest chums) for all her help and maaaaad support.

I thought maybe I should tell you just a smidge about myself so you know what my deal is... I'm Rad. Lemme break it down in a top ten list.

1. Born 1981 in Vancouver to a hippie turned pseudo-hippie (ma) and a bruiser turned food-salesman (pa).

2. My first heartbreak was when my mom told me that it was impossible for me to have a flat-top like Kid from Kid-n-Play. I still think she was lying.

3. I have a pug. His name is T-Bone (it was decided by a friend years later that the T stands for Travis). He's essentially an angry old man in a little furry four legged body, I think he might even be a lil' racist.

4. I'm deeply in love with film. My tastes tend to lean more towards the foreign and offbeat side but I will drop a "Weekend At Bernies 2" reference on any given day.

5. My name is not Brendan. Seriously, don't make that mistake.

6. I started doing these digital collages about 2.5 years ago. They originally started out as birthday cards for my friends but then quickly evolved into what you see before you.

7. I devote the other half of my free time on my music project, The Lou Diamond Philharmonic.

8. I can tell you the Tanner Family's (Full House) phone number, eyes closed.

9. By day I'm an electrician. Sigh.

10. My current fixations are twix bars, taking up a smoking habit at 27, old Kool G Rap records, telling my dog that hobbies are important, being umemployed, giraffe jokes, accepting my girlfriend's intense citywide hunts for 'free' boxes, mourning Bohdi, wishing I had more friends who played the sax, 90s wrestling t-shirts, hatin' on drum circles (that never changes), hoping that my dad will wear his "You Can't Beat Pete's Meat!" apron at more functions, asking friends if they " wanna see what's under the bridge?", the trailer for Harmony Korine's "Trash Humpers".

Anyway, I hope you all stick around 'cause this site is only gonna get bigger. Become a follower and tell your friends. Also, if you see me on the street, it is totally okay to give my calves a massage.



A Wu Weekend: Raekwon

Baking organic raptor meat pie.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wu Weekend: Intro & Method Man

I now present to you a series I did last year entitled "A Wu Weekend". I think it's pretty self explanitory. The series depicts an activity that each member of the Wu Tang Clan is us up to during the weekend. Check back every other day for the next 3 weeks to see whats up... yes ODB will make an appearance.

On set with Mickey Rooney for the buddy-cop film "Ukrainian Showdown".

Black Albino Video

Here's a video I chopped for my music project "The Lou Diamond Philharmonic".

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sharp Dressed Worf

9 to 5

The Fish is Superb

The City Is Mine

Posted Up.

Art of Seduction

Good Morning

A Lil' Dip

Thursday, September 10, 2009